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Responsive Repairs Contract Update

This report provides members with an update in respect of recent agreement to end the current responsive repairs contract with Osborne Property Services Limited (OPSL) on 29 April 2024.


            The Chair advised members of the Committee that they should be mindful of the guidance given in the advisory note ahead of the meeting to members when discussing this item.


            The Chair invited the Group Head of Housing to present the report, who provided an update following the termination of the agreement on 29 January 2024 to end the Council’s current responsive repairs contract with Osborne Property Services Limited (OPSL).  He explained that the parties involved agreed that the contract no longer served the best interests of both parties.  He reminded members of the briefing session that had taken place for members of the Committee on the matter.  Following the termination a risk register, business continuity plan and a stakeholder communications plan had been developed.  Two letters had been sent out to the Council’s tenants providing an update on the situation and sessions had taken place with those staff most affected by the changes.  The Council had entered into demobilisation of the contract and was considering all the steps that needed to be taken and since the report had been written the council had entered into a tendering process for a new contractor had been completed through the dynamic purchasing system.  The Council had reached the stage where it was about to award the contract.  Further information on the contract with the new contractor would be provided to members once it had been agreed and further updates would be provided to the Committee once a contract had been entered into and throughout the length of the contract in terms of performance.  The Council had entered into talks with OPSL regarding its TUPE obligations and advised that only one member of staff from OPSL would now transfer to the Council under, as the second staff member had left OPSL’s employment, in respect of the Council taking call handling back in house.   He report that additional resources had been put in place and approval had been given to employ temporary staff on a short-term basis call handling support to ensure a good service was provided to tenants due to start on 2 April 2024.  He was confident that the Housing Service would be able to deliver a standard of service expected by residents.


            The Chair invited questions and comments from the Committee and a question was asked about the schedule of rates for work carried out from the potential contractors.  The Group Head of Housing  advised that as the Council and OPSL were still in contract the Council was currently paying the rates set by OPSL.  The impact of these costs in respect of a new contractor remained to be seen and advised that discussions were taking place regarding cost control to enable officers to manage and plan the responsive repairs budget to ensure budget repairs were dealt with in a more linear way.  He was confident that the Housing service would be able to deliver services within the budget set for 2024-25.


            The Committee noted the contents of the report.

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