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Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results

This report sets out the results of the Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey which ran during June and July of 2023.


Councillor Bence declared a Personal Interest in in respect of this item as a West Sussex County Council member of the West Sussex County Council Fire and Rescue Service Scrutiny Committee.


The Chair invited the Group Head of Housing to present the report to members who provided details of the results of the Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2023-24, the results of which had been disappointing in respect of satisfaction levels.  He explained the survey had been carried out in accordance with the new consumer regulations standard of tenant satisfaction measures.  The survey methodology used was different to that used by other social housing providers, the majority having  undertaken telephone surveys, whilst in this instance it was undertaken through a postal questionnaire with the option to fill out survey online instead. He explained that the methodology chosen for surveys had an impact on the results and research suggested that the negative impact of the methodology used equated to broadly 15%.  Therefore, following analysis of the results that showed that no rating above 60% satisfaction was achieved against any measure when taking the negative impact of the methodology used into account.  The next steps would be to set up a series of online and in person tenant focus groups, particularly to discuss tenants’ dissatisfaction with the repairs service, communication, and of not listened to and acting on their views.   An improvement plan had been implemented that included a range of actions set out at paragraph 4.3.2 of the report.  He informed the Committee that officers were keen to implement the improvements in order to improve the service offered to tenants and he expected that in a year’s time he would be able to provide a more positive report to the Committee.  


The Chair then invited members to make comment or ask any questions.  Responding to a request for further information on who would facilitate the focus groups, the Group Head of Housing advised that the sessions would be arranged by the council’s Resident Engagement Officer and facilitated by himself.  The session were planned to take place during March 2024.  He would be in attendance as he wanted to hear firsthand the issues that tenants were experiencing and what was driving their dissatisfaction.  Members made comment regarding  complaints made by tenants in respect of the quality of repairs and maintenance works.  They expected a positive response from contractors to assist in increasing tenant satisfaction and expected  action to be taken in respect of  substandard or delayed work.  The Group Head of Housing confirmed that this was the case.  A member suggested a mixture of methodology for future surveys, to include the same methodology used for this survey, to show some ‘like for like’  enabling the level of any improvements to be assessed against the previous survey.  The Group Head of Housing advised that he would not necessarily recommend a mixed approach, as the survey was not the only means of engaging with tenants.  A programme of transactional surveys was being implemented that included surveying of tenants when requesting repairs, using the complaints procedure, when taking up a new tenancy and when raising issues concerning anti-social behaviour.  Whilst he understood the request for ‘like for like’, the methodology used was not in line with 78% of the social landlords who had undertaken telephone surveys.  He explained that the reason the survey would not be submitted to the Regulator of Housing until Summer 2024, as the Regulator required all housing providers to submit their data in the same format at the same time and afforded the opportunity for some housing providers to carry out their survey during Quarter 4 if done on a quarterly basis.  A member raised concern about the condition of  a number of green spaces in Bognor Regis caused by vehicles parking on these areas and the negative visual impact.  He advised he would welcome the opportunity to provide pictorial evidence of the issues to the Group Head of Housing.


Two non-member were allowed to make comment and ask questions:

·     A non-member expressed his disappointment regarding the survey results, especially in respect of responsiveness and repairs.  He asked that members be provided with the detail of the improvement plan, so they have assurance that the issues will be dealt with, and the situation improved.   The Group Head of Housing confirmed that he wanted to see improvements as well and agreed to share the detail so the improvement plan to all members of the council.

·     A non-member stated that following the comments of the Group Head of Housing made during the meeting he was re-assured that improvement to the housing service would happen.

The Committee having discussed the survey results and offer comment on the actions being taken to improve tenant satisfaction, noted that the results will be submitted to The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) in the Summer of 2024 and presented to tenants through Arun at Home.

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