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King George V Play Area, Felpham

This report provides a summary of the proposed project to make improvements at King George V play area, Felpham. The Project Summary in Appendix 1 provides the background information to the existing play areas located in the Felpham area and detail on the Section 106 developer play funding contributions available for improvements to these play areas.


This report recommends that the Section 106 funding generated by the residential development at Land North of Felpham (Site 6) under FP/92/04 should be drawn down and allocated for expenditure at King George V play area.

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Upon the invitation of the Chair, the Principal Landscape and Projects Officer presented the report to Committee. She explained that the report set out proposals for the expenditure of section 106 funding provided as allocations to improve play facilities in Felpham. These were in addition to the play areas installed by the developer at Site 6. The play areas in Felpham had been reviewed and King George V play area had been identified as the most appropriate location for the funding to be spent.  The report summarised the process and programme for the project which would start with understanding what type of equipment the public would like to see included. The recommendations sought approval to drawdown the funding, to award a construction contract for the value shown and to also adjust this sum should any additional funding become available.


Members then took part in a question-and-answer session and the following points were made:

  • There was concern that the timescales to complete this project were too lengthy, and during this time the cost of materials may further increase. The Principal Landscape and Projects Officer explained this was a conservative timescale and that if this could be brought forward it would be.
  • There was a discussion as to what the playpark would look like after the project had been delivered, and whether there was a possibility to use some of the funding in other parks.
  • It was asked whether consideration could be given to ensuring more parks across Arun had accessible swings for wheelchair users.
  • Support was offered for improving King George V Park.
  • It was asked whether the views of key stakeholders could be sought regarding what changes should be made. The Group Head of Environment and Climate Change confirmed the process would involve public engagement and they would also be working with the Parish Council.


          The recommendation was proposed by Councillor English and seconded by Councillor Edwards.



          The Committee




1)      the drawdown and expenditure of £67K Section 106 funding allocated from Land North of Felpham (FP/92/04) plus any other partnership funding that may be made available to carry out improvements at King George V play area in Felpham and deliver an objective from the Council's play strategy 2018-2028, be approved.


2)      a procurement process be undertaken for a design and build contract and to enter into a contract for up to £67K (subject to recommendation 3 with the preferred bidder, in order to carry out play area improvements at King George V.


3)      authority be delegated to Officers to increase the contract value at recommendation 2 should additional funding become available ahead of, during, or following the procurement process.




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