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Technology & Digital Annual Update

Meeting: 12/10/2023 - Corporate Support Committee (Item 295)

295 Technology & Digital Annual Update pdf icon PDF 281 KB

This report is to provide committee members with an update on the activities and progress of Technology & Digital over the last 12 months.



The ICT Operations Manager advised members that the report before them provided an update on the activities and progress of Technology & Digital over the last 12 months. He confirmed that the team had maintained a high level of service and progressed a number of key projects.


            The Chair invited questions from members where it was asked what the timetable was for the removal of analogue telephone lines, and it was commented that the donation of 350 computers to local schools was great to see. The ICT Operations Manager confirmed that the work being completed to remove analogue telephone lines was being done by BT, and the council could help in providing reports on the district but that was all. He also said that the council was proud to be able to deliver 350 laptops and provide local schools with support. Additionally, it was asked for information on the council’s cyber security defences where it was explained that it would not be possible for that to be discussed in public. Members then raised questions on Data Protection training that could be provided for members where the Group Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer confirmed that all staff had recently completed Data Protection refresher training and that relevant Data Protection training would be delivered to members as a priority. It was also stated that the ICT support that had been provided to members during their recent induction programme following the May 2023 election had been exceptional.


            Members then noted the report.