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P/96/22/HH 97 Harbour View Road, Pagham PO21 4RJ

Meeting: 28/09/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 304)

304 P/96/22/HH 97 Harbour View Road, Pagham PO21 4RJ pdf icon PDF 199 KB


2 Public Speakers

Christopher Barrow – Agent

Cllr David Huntley – Arun District Council Ward Member


Erection of single storey outbuilding to rear.


The Planning Area Team Leader presented the report. This was followed by 2 Public Speakers.


After discussing the position of the existing shed in relation to the proposed one and seeking clarification that the outbuilding would be ancillary to the main residence and not separate from it, the recommendation was proposed by Councillor Chace and seconded by Councillor Bower.


The Committee




That the application be APPROVED CONDITIONALLY as detailed in the report subject to the conditions as detailed.