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P/49/21/RES - Land North of Sefter Road and 80 Rose Green Road, Pagham

Meeting: 27/10/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 405)

405 P/49/21/RES - Land North of Sefter Road and 80 Rose Green Road, Pagham pdf icon PDF 910 KB


[Councillor Goodheart left the meeting at the beginning of this item.]


6 Public Speakers

Cllr Janet Rufey – Aldwick Parish Council

Cllr Peter Atkins – Pagham Parish Council

Stephen Cox-Rusbridge – Objector

Lynn Pack – Applicant

Hardeep Hunjan – Agent

Cllr David Huntley – Arun District Council Ward Member


Application for the approval of Reserved Matters pursuant to condition 1 (Reserved Matters details), condition 6 (Design Code Masterplan) & condition 7 (landscaping & layout details) following the grant of P/134/16/OUT for the erection of 250 No. dwellings, (including affordable homes), replacement scout hut, land for an Ambulance Community Response Post Facility, demolition of No. 80 Rose Green Road & provision of Public Open Spaces including associated children’s play areas, landscaping, drainage & earthworks (resubmission following P/24/20/RES). This site also lies within the parish of Aldwick.


The Strategic Development Team Leader presented the report with updates. This was followed by 6 Public Speakers.


Members then took part in a full debate on the application where a number of points were raised and responded to by Officers, including:

·       whether the report suggested tankerage would be used until Southern Water had made sufficient improvements to the public sewer system, and a lack of conditions on timescales for these works

·       the issue of road widths

·       flooding being a significant issue in the area, concerns over off-site discharge and the inability of SUDS to deal with the current green field run-off rate

·       the proposed pedestrian and cyclist pathways and shared pathways no longer deemed the best option as conflict could occur between users


The Committee




That the application for reserved matters and the design code masterplan be APPROVED CONDITIONALLY as detailed in the report and report update subject to the conditions as detailed.