Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Bognor Regis Arcade - Update31/01/2024For Determination16/04/2024
Refurbishment of the former Brewers Fayre Put into a new Royal Hall31/01/2024For Determination16/04/2024
Arun Community Asset Fund - Consideration of Bids - Round 131/01/2024For Determination08/02/2024
The Regeneration of The Regis Centre, Bognor Regis - Levelling-Up Fund - Project Update31/01/2024For Determination07/03/2024
Calendar of Meetings for 2024/2531/01/2024For Determination13/03/2024
Littlehampton Seafront Project31/01/2024For Determination07/03/2024
Direction of Travel Document31/01/2024For Determination06/03/2024
Review of the Members' Allowances Scheme31/01/2024For Determination13/03/2024
Arun Parish Housing Apportionment31/01/2024For Determination18/04/2024
Consultation on Draft Conservation Area Character Appraisals for Bognor Regis: Hotham Park and Bognor Regis: Railway Station03/01/2024For Determination18/04/2024
Annual Report on the Council’s Use of Powers Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)29/11/2023For Determination19/02/2024
Bathing Water Quality29/11/2023For Determination19/03/2024
Sundry Debts Write Off Policy29/11/2023For Determination15/04/2024
UK Shared Prosperity Fund - Report29/11/2023For Determination16/04/2024
Contaminated Land Strategy31/10/2023For Determination19/03/2024
Annual Report - Corporate Complaints03/10/2023For Determination30/04/2024
Combined Cleansing Services Contract07/09/2023For Determination19/03/2024
Arun / WSCC Growth Deal Refresh07/09/2023For Determination16/04/2024
Fitzleet Multi-storey Car Park Option Update report12/07/2023For Determination16/04/2024
Revised Drainage Water Resource Management Plan (DWMP) Consultations12/07/2023For Determination18/04/2024
Additional Beach Huts12/07/2023For Determination16/04/2024
Barham/Eastergate/Westergate Infrastructure Development Plan (BEWIDP)15/06/2023For Determination18/04/2024
Taxi Fare Setting15/06/2023For Determination23/02/2024
Licensing Fee Setting15/06/2023For Determination23/02/2024
Committee Revenue and Capital Budget 2024/2516/05/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Council Revenue and Capital Budgets 2024/2516/05/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Member Learning & Development16/05/2023For Determination27/03/2024
The Council's Revenue and Capital Budget 2024/2516/05/2023For Determination08/02/2024
Budget Monitoring Report to 31 December 202316/05/2023For Determination08/02/2024
Monitoring Officer Report including monitoring the operation of the Code16/05/2023For Determination27/03/2024
Register of Assessments of Complaints Against Councillors16/05/2023For Determination27/03/2024
Internal Audit Charter 2024/2516/05/2023For Determination19/02/2024
Internal Audit Annual Plan 2024/2516/05/2023For Determination19/02/2024
Internal Audit Progress Report December 202316/05/2023For Determination19/02/2024
Corporate Risk Register update16/05/2023For Determination19/02/2024
Council Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission updates for the 2022-2023 financial year16/05/2023For Determination08/02/2024
Climate Action Work Plan update16/05/2023For Determination07/03/2024
Treasury Management Strategy & Annual Investment Strategy 2024/2516/05/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Q3 Performance Report for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which form part of the Council’s Vision 2022-2026.16/05/2023For Determination07/03/2024
Q3 Performance Report for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which form part of the Council’s Vision 2022-2026.16/05/2023For Determination23/02/2024
Q2 Performance Report for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which form part of the Council’s Vision 2022-2026.16/05/2023For Determination08/02/2024