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Arun Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

07/02/2023 - Arun Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

Upon the invitation of the Chair, the Planning Policy Team Leader presented the report which updated the Committee on the Council’s Authority Monitoring Report for the monitoring year 2021-2022. It was noted that the 5-year housing land supply stood at 2.36 years and was slightly down on the previous year’s figure of 2.42 years.Members that spoke spoke of their frustration with the 5-year housing land supply measure as it was out of Arun’s control and was a symptom of a broken system weighted towards developers. The Chair highlighted an approximate figure of 6,500 unimplemented permissions to illustrate this (and clarified this was total supply, not for the 5 year period). Though developers shared some responsibility by not building out permissions, another Member suggested that blame should principally rest with the Government as developers were only responding to the market and central Government methodology and figures were created in isolation from this. The recommendations were then proposed by Councillor Elkins and seconded by Councillor Yeates.


The Committee




1.    The Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22 be noted; and


2.    The Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22 be published on the Council’s web site.