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Local Development Scheme update

07/02/2023 - Local Development Scheme (LDS) Update

Upon the invitation of the Chair, the Planning Policy Team Leader presented the report which sought Committee agreement to recommend to Full Council the adoption of an updated Local Development Scheme (LDS 2023), which was a legal document that set out an Authority’s plan making programme and in particular set out the recommenced work programme for progressing the Gypsy & Traveller and Traveller Showmen Site Allocation Development Plan Document following consultation. One Member commended Officers on overcoming West Sussex County Council’s (WSCC) previous objection to one of the proposed traveller sites. The Planning Policy Team Leader explained that negotiations had been undertaken to agree with WSCC that in principle it was possible to amend the terms of restrictive covenants on certain sites to allow for intensification of use subject to safeguards and protecting WSCC interests in the land. The recommendations were then proposed by Councillor Lury and seconded by Councillor Hughes.


The Committee




That the draft Local Development Scheme January 2023 for the period 2023-2025 as amended be adopted.


The Committee




That authority be delegated to the Group Head of Planning, in consultation with the Chair of Planning Policy Committee, to undertake minor updating and drafting of any amendments required to the LDS prior to publication on the Council’s website.