Issue - decisions

AL/107/21/PL Woodgate Centre, Oak Tree Lane, Woodgate PO20 3GU

15/06/2022 - AL/107/21/PL Woodgate Centre, Oak Tree Lane, Woodgate PO20 3GU

3 Public Speakers

Will Cobley – Agent

Mark Stephens – Objector

Victoria Barrett-Nudhoo – Objector


Demolition of the Woodgate Centre buildings (including 3 No. residential dwellings) & the construction of 180 No. residential dwellings with the creation of new vehicular access with footways and cycleways, ancillary road infrastructure, emergency access arrangements, associated parking, public open space, including children's play space, landscape planting, surface water attenuation & drainage & other associated infrastructure. This site in in CIL Zone H SP2, BEW Strategic Site and is not CIL Liable.


The Chair welcomed Tim Townsend from West Sussex County Council to the meeting. The Strategic Development Team Leader presented the report with updates. This was followed by 3 Public Speakers.


Members then took part in a full debate on the application where a number of points were raised and responded to by Officers, including:

·       the junction of Woodgate Road and Lidsey Lane and the issue of larger vehicles parking closely to it

·       questions raised over the improvements as identified in the schedule of developer contributions (for the A259 at the Oystercatcher junction rather than for the A29) and whether deferral is necessary to seek further clarity on the value of this

·       a significant number of Heads of Terms (railway crossings, bus improvements) with amounts still ‘to be confirmed’ and therefore the Committee not being in a position to determine the application at this time

·       the design and cost of a railway bridge and the practicalities of its delivery

·       residents’ concerns over the narrowness of Woodgate Road with on-road parking and traffic passing, and the need for highway improvements to this road and its access onto Lidsey Lane

·       water drainage and the need for further clarification following comment from the Environment Agency and the Lidsey Catchment Area Surface Water Management Plan

·       the difficulty of considering smaller applications within the BEW Strategic Allocation on a phased basis rather than as a single development


The Committee




That the application be DEFERRED to allow for further information and clarity on the use of the Section 106 Agreement contributions.