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Bognor Regis Seafront : Review of Seafront Delivery Plan and Deliverable Interventions and Actions

The Report provides a progress update on proposed projects in respect of the regeneration of Bognor Regis seafront.



The Group Head of Economy provided members with a detailed overview of her report, stating that the report had been requested by the Covid Recovery Working Party November 2020. She explained that the report provided members with an update on the regeneration strategy and plans in respect of Bognor Regis Seafront, what had been delivered to date in line with those plans and a list of future deliverable interventions and projects. In summing up she explained that members were now being asked to confirm if there were any projects listed that they did not want to be included as part of the priority list that would be being presented to the Committee at its meeting on 26 July 2021.


          In turning to the debate Committee members raised a number of points that have been summarised below;


§  Beach Huts it was felt that the Council was missing an opportunity by not considering building and selling as many as possible, there was also a suggestion from one member whereby the Council could divert up to 10 Beach Huts for an online auction with a reserve of £20,000 set, it was suggested that this could generate further funds that would enhance and help the overall offering to Bognor Regis.

§  Concern was raised that the report was recycling old ideas and consideration should be given to new ideas as well as being inclusive of the Pier

§  Concerns raised regarding the new Café that was being proposed within the report, given that there were already two distinct operators for the area already.

§  Support for having a series of places to eat on the seafront not just suited for families but to target the adult market was also voiced along with considering a road closure to allow for a large square to be created for pop up bars and restaurants right along the seafront.


The Committee then allowed for some non-Committee members to speak; the points raised have been summarised below;


§  Concern was raised over the design style that had been documented as following the same style as the new toilets on the seafront and this being something that did not suit everyone’s taste 

§  Concern was echoed by non-Committee members regarding the new Café near the bandstand as it was felt that improvements could be made to those already in place


After hearing non-Committee Members, the Chair returned to two of the Committee Members who wanted to query section 1.3.9 in the report specifically regarding the ownership of the Gloucester Road Car Park. It was confirmed that the report was correct, and the Car Park was under duel ownership by the Council and Butlins. The other member wishing to speak was Councillor Stanley who proposed the following amendment;


We move future projects with the expectation of the Bandstand Café and the new Café and that these be brought back to the Committee at a later date


The Chair sought guidance from the Group Head of Economy who provided clarification on the original request from the Covid Recovery Working Party, she clarified that at the time these proposals were put forward it was unsure what may or may not be considered as future proposals for the Regis Centre and therefore Officers were keen not to blight or restrict anything within that piece of work that could be included within the levelling up submission. That was why the Café opportunity by the Bandstand was considered and the thinking behind this was what was missing on a cold, windy and rainy day, was an area to go to that was warm and dry. She explained that she believed that the approach taken was not flawed as it would allow the Council to deliver something that would add a destination value.

On the basis of the explanation provided by the Group Head of Economy, the Chair and the Leader of the Council wanting to allow for the broadest possible scope for these projects. Councillor Stanley then agreed he would withdraw his amendment. The recommendation was then proposed and seconded.


The Committee


    RESOLVED that


1.    the projects listed in the report be included in the list of priority projects to be considered in a separate report to the Economy Committee in July 2021. 


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