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Environment & Leisure Working Group

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Information about Environment & Leisure Working Group

The Environment & Leisure Working Group has no less than 6 Members of the Council (Cabinet Members shall not sit on a Working Group).


Working Groups are required to be politically balanced and will not have a maximum number of Members.


Working Groups had been established by Full Council and their function is to:


§  Annually review their terms of reference  and recommend changes for approval by Full Council

§  Undertake work as an when requested by Full Council, Cabinet and the Overview Select Committee

§  Create a Work Programme on an annual basis  and recommend this for approval by Full Council


For a more in depth look at this Working Groups functions please click here , Part 3, Section 6.0, Page 28


For the Council’s Officer Scheme of Delegation please click here



Please note that you can now locate the webcast link to watch the webcast live or to stream later under the relevant meeting date along with the agenda.


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