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Environment & Leisure Working Group

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Information about Environment & Leisure Working Group

The Environment & Leisure Working Group has no less than 6 Members of the Council (Cabinet Members shall not sit on a Working Group).


Working Groups are required to be politically balanced and will not have a maximum number of Members.


Working Groups had been established by Full Council and their function is to:


§  Annually review their terms of reference  and recommend changes for approval by Full Council

§  Undertake work as an when requested by Full Council, Cabinet and the Overview Select Committee

§  Create a Work Programme on an annual basis  and recommend this for approval by Full Council


For a more in depth look at this Working Groups functions please click here , Part 3, Section 6.0, Page 28


For the Council’s Officer Scheme of Delegation please click here




The Environment & Leisure Working Group meeting on 3 September 2020 at 6pm will be webcast. To watch the webcast click here.