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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is the executive arm of the Council with the authority to action policies within the plans, strategies and budget approved by the Council.  Currently there are seven Cabinet Members, including the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council [as confirmed in Article 7 of the Constitution].  The Members of the Cabinet (who must be Elected Members of the Council) are appointed by the Leader, who also allocates their portfolios.


To view the full responsibility for functions please click on this link: Cabinet – Responsibility for Functions


The Cabinet will meet at least six times a year [normally meets every other month (not in August) unless additional meetings are needed on the dates set out in the annual calendar of meetings approved by the Council.  Reserve meetings are scheduled in the diary and will only be used if there is business that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting of Cabinet.


Submitting Questions – Members of the public may ask questions of Members of the Cabinet at its meetings subject to written notice of the question being submitted to the Group Head of Council Advice & Monitoring Officer 5 workings days prior to the meeting.


To view the public question time pages – please use this link: Public Question Time



Please note that you can now locate the webcast link to watch the webcast live or to stream later under the relevant meeting date along with the agenda.


Read about:  Webcasting compatible software and devices.pdf [pdf] 417KB