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Information about Overview Select Committee

The Overview Select Committee (OSC) has 15 members from the Council. The Committee’s three main functions are set out below:


Policy Development and Review:

Reviewing current practices and policies to bring them up to date and identify gaps.

Developing new policies in response to changed priorities or legislation.

Researching and providing innovative thinking on particular issues.


Performance Monitoring:

Monitoring and reviewing deliverability of local services, whether provided by the Council or local organisations.

Challenging poor or under-performance.

Ensuring the best use of resources and value for money for local residents and eliminating waste.


Holding the Executive (Cabinet and Chief Officers) to account for their decisions:

Questioning decisions taken by the council’s Executive.

Ensuring they are ‘held to account’ for their actions.


The Committee also has a number of powers:

§  to make reports and recommendations to the council’s Executive on issues which affect the area

§  to require members and officers of the council to attend meetings and provide information

§  to require information from partners

§  to require partners to ‘have regard’ to a report or recommendations

§  to consider crime and disorder issues (at least once a year)

§  exercising the right to call-in, for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet or an Individual Cabinet Member as set out in the Scrutiny Procedure rules in Part 6 of the Councils Constitution

§  to consider Petitions in accordance with the Petitions Scheme as set out in Part 8 of the Councils Constitution


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