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Audit and Governance Committee

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Information about Audit and Governance Committee

The Audit & Governance Committee has 11 Members of the Council.


No Member can serve on this Committee in any capacity unless all of the required training determined to be necessary by the Group Head of Corporate Support in consultation with the Chair has been undertaken.


The Committee has delegated authority to exercise the following functions of the Council:

·         Corporate Complaints

·         Internal Audit

·         External Audit

·         Members Allowances

·         External scrutiny of partners


For further information on this Committee please refer to the Councils Constitution Part 3, section 5.1, page 20.



Please note that you can now locate the webcast link to watch the webcast live or to stream later under the relevant meeting date along with the agenda.


Read about:  Webcasting compatible software and devices.pdf [pdf] 417KB