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Information about Standards

This Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by District Councillors, Town and Parish Councillors and Co-Opted Councillors across the Arun District by encouraging them to observe the Members’ Code of Conduct.  Membership of the Committee consists of 9 Members of Arun District Council and 3 independent persons. 


Since 8 May 2008, the Standards Committee has been responsible for considering any complaints made that a Councillor may have breached the Members’ Code of Conduct.  A Local Assessment Panel comprising members of the Committee and an independent person will consider complaints requiring assessment.


All Councillors, whether they represent Arun District Council or a Town/Parish Council within the Arun District, have to abide by a Code of Conduct.   If you believe that a Councillor has fallen short of the standards of conduct expected by the Code they signed up to, you can make a complaint to the Arun District Council’s Monitoring Officer.


To find out more about the Members’ Code of Conduct and how to make a complaint click here