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Planning Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning Committee.


Information about Planning Committee

This Committee made up of 11 Members considers Planning Applications, Appeals and Planning Contraventions. 


Meetings are open to the public and the Council operates a public speaking system, as set out in the Council’s Constitution.  Meetings are held at the Arun Civic Centre every four weeks, at 2.00 p.m. 


The Council has agreed the principles for filming, photography and social media use at Council meetings and on Council property.  Please see the Filming and Photographic Policy here.


Attendance and Written Submissions for this Committee


Arun District Council has always encouraged public involvement in the planning process and one of the key ways of achieving this is to encourage public contributions at Planning Committee meetings.


When it has been confirmed that an application is to be heard at committee anyone who has submitted written comments on the application will be contacted and advised of how to register to speak or submit a written statement. You must follow the instructions in the notification as the committee will not be able to hear any party who has not formally registered.


A copy of the committee agenda, containing the officer’s report and recommendation, are published on the website at least 5 working days before the meeting. Those submitting a written submission are advised to read the published report in advance. The report includes a summary of the written representations received and a section of comment upon these representations.


If for any reason the application/item is no longer to be considered by the Planning Committee the Council will endeavour to notify the interested parties. For this reason, please always provide your phone number when you register to speak and call us if you change your mind about making a submission at the meeting.


It is not possible for the Council to accept, ‘prior’ or ‘holding’ registrations, you can only register once you have received notification of the meeting.


The visual presentation of material at the Planning Committee will be restricted to that information submitted as part of the application (and/or prepared by officers in respect of any other item) in accordance with the visual presentation procedures agreed by the Planning Committee.


Committee Arrangements For Speaking: Number and Order of Speakers



Time Allowed

1.    Planning Officer – to present and if necessary, update the report, particularly regarding further written representations received


2.    Town or Parish Council/Meeting Representative

1 submission can be made. It cannot exceed 3 minutes

3.    Objectors to the Application

Maximum of 2 submissions. They cannot exceed 3 minutes each

4.    Applicant/Agent/Supporters

Maximum of 2 submissions. They cannot exceed 3 minutes each

5.    The Planning Officer is there to deal with any errors of fact which have arisen or any necessary clarification of policy or other issues


6.    Committee Members are there to debate and determine the application, involving Officers as necessary


7.    Arun District Council Members are entitled to address the Committee at the discretion of the Chairman in accordance with Standing Orders. Therefore, they are excluded from this process.




Please note that you can now locate the webcast link to watch the webcast live or to stream later under the relevant meeting date along with the agenda.


Read about:  Webcasting compatible software and devices.pdf [pdf] 417KB