Agenda and decisions

Monday 10th February 2020 5.00 pm

Venue: The Pink Room, at the Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF

Contact: Jane Fulton (Ext 37611) 

No. Item


Declarations of Interest

Members and officers are invited to make any declarations of pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda, and are reminded that they should re-declare their interest before consideration of the item or as soon as the interest becomes apparent.


Members and officers should make their declaration by stating:

a) the item they have the interest in

b) whether it is a pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interest

c) the nature of the interest

d) if it is a pecuniary or prejudicial interest, whether they will be exercising their right to speak under Question Time


Question Time

a) Questions from the public (for a period of up to 15 minutes).

b) Questions from Members with prejudicial interests (for a period of up to 15 minutes).


Urgent Business

The Cabinet may consider items of an urgent nature on functions falling within their responsibilities where special circumstances apply. Where the item relates to a key decision, the agreement of the Chairman of the Overview Select Committee must have been sought on both the subject of the decision and the reasons for the urgency. Such decisions shall not be subject to the call-in procedure as set out in the Scrutiny Procedure Rules at Part 6 of the Council’s Constitution.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 215 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 13 January 2020 (as attached).


Budget variation reports

To consider any reports from the Head of Corporate Support.


Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) - 2020 to 2023 pdf icon PDF 232 KB

This report informs Cabinet of the findings of a public consultation exercise to review the existing Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which expires on 31 March 2020.  The report recommends to Cabinet options for a new PSPO to be effective from 1 April 2020.



Additional documents:


The Cabinet


            RESOLVED – That


(1)  Option 2 be adopted for the provision of a new Public Spaces Protection Order;


(2)  Option 2 contains the following restrictions and requirements at all times.  The order and geographical areas are as set out in Appendix B of the report:


(a)  Alcohol Restriction

No person shall refuse to stop drinking alcohol or refuse to hand over any container believed to contain alcohol when required to do so by an authorised Officer


(b)  Anti-Social Behaviour

All persons are prohibited from behaving in a way which causes or is likely to cause nuisance, harassment, alarm or distress to a member or members of the public


(3)  The new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is implemented and effective from 1 April 2020; and


(4)  A sum of £10,000 is allocated for the promotion and signage of the agreed PSPO.


Budget Monitoring Report to 31 December 2019 pdf icon PDF 35 KB

The Budget Monitoring Report sets out the Capital, Housing Revenue and General Fund Revenue budget performance to the end of December 2019.



Additional documents:


The Cabinet


            RESOLVED – That


(1)  That the report in Appendix 1 be noted; and


(2)  It be noted that the overall performance against budget is currently on track


Arun District Council Budget - 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 150 KB

The report sets out the Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2020/21 for both the General Fund and the Housing Revenue Account.


Additional documents:


The Cabinet


            RESOLVED – That


(1)  The Group Head of Corporate Support, in consultation with the Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Corporate Support, has approved a Council Tax base of 62,244 for 2020/21; and

(2)  The Budget report in Appendices A, 1, 2 and 3 be noted.


The Cabinet also




(1)  The General Fund Revenue Budget as set out in Appendix 1 be approved;


(2)  Arun’s Band D Council Tax for 2020/21, based on a Band D Council Tax of £186.57, is set at £11,612,863 plus Parish precepts as demanded, to be transferred to the General Fund in accordance with statutory requirements;


(3)  The Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget as set out in Appendix 2 is approved;


(4)  The HRA rents are increased by 5% to give a standard charge of £12.31 per week (excluding VAT) and heating and water/sewerage charges increased on a scheme by scheme basis, with a view to balancing costs with income; and


(5)  The Capital Budget as set out in Appendix 3 is approved.


London Road Coach/Lorry/Car Park - Bognor Regis pdf icon PDF 137 KB

Cabinet resolved on 23 July 2018 to market the disposal of freehold land at London Road, Bognor Regis for redevelopment to include student accommodation, whilst retaining public car parking. In line with the Cabinet resolution, progress has been made on this proposal and a preferred bidder has been selected. 


Since the original decision, there has been a further proposal made that the re-development allows for the re-provision of public toilets.   As this was not part of the original decision made in July 2018, the Cabinet is being asked to approve the extension of the proposals to include this further element.



The Cabinet




            That the proposals agreed by Cabinet on 23 July 2018 (Ref: C/008/230718) relating to the Council’s freehold land at London Road, Bognor Regis be extended to include the re-provision of public toilets.


Gas Supply Contract for Corporate and Housing Sites pdf icon PDF 266 KB

To authorise entering into a Contract for the supply of gas to the Council’s corporate and housing sites from 1 April 2020 for a term of up to three years, renewable annually and to regularised authority for the previous agreement ending 31 March 2020.


The Cabinet


            RESOLVED – That


(1)  The appointment of the Council’s existing gas supplier until 31 March 2020 be approved;


(2)  The appointment of the Council’s new gas supplier procured through the Crown Commercial Services Framework agreement for the supply of energy and ancillary services, for a term of up to 3 years, renewable every 12 months be approved;


(3)  Retrospective delegated authority be given to the Group Head of Corporate Support to enter into the current contract;


(4)  Delegated authority be given to the Group Head of Technical Services to enter into the contract commencing on 1 April 2020.


Overview Select Committee - 28 January 2020

To consider any recommendations from the meeting of the Overview Select Committee held on 28 January 2020 (which will be circulated separately).