Agenda and minutes

Environment Committee - Thursday 15th July 2021 6.00 pm

Venue: Blue & Pink, Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5LF. View directions

Contact: Helen Burt 


No. Item




The Chair welcomed Members and Officers to this virtual meeting of the Standards Committee.


            The Chair confirmed that this meeting was being held in accordance with the resolution made at the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 12 May 2021 (Minute 551) which continued Section 5 Part 5 of the Constitution (The Virtual Meeting Procedure Rules) and declared the use of Council powers, under Section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972, and the general power of competence under Section 1 of the Localism Act 2011, for making advisory decisions, as appropriate.



Apology for Absence


An apology for absence had been received from Councillor Goodheart.



Declarations of Interest

Members and Officers are invited to make any declaration of pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on this agenda, and are reminded that they should re-declare their interest before consideration of the items or as soon as the interest becomes apparent.


Members and Officers should make their declaration by stating:


a)             the item they have the interest in

b)             whether it is a pecuniary/personal interest and/or prejudicial interest

c)             the nature of the interest



            There were no Declarations of Interest made.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 205 KB

The Committee will be asked to approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Environment and Neighbourhood Services Committee held on 27 May 2021.


Additional documents:


            The Minutes of the meeting held on 27 May 2021 were approved by the Committee with the agreement for them to be signed by the Chair as soon as practicably possible.


            It was raised that adding Biodiversity to the Environment & Neighbourhood Terms of Reference had not been discussed at the Constitution Working Party (CWP), and that this should be done at the next meeting of the CWP.



Public Question Time

To receive questions from the public (for a period of up to 15 minutes)



The Chair confirmed that there were no questions submitted for this meeting.


Outside Bodies


Councillor Edwards presented his report, updating the Committee on the meeting of the Local Government Association Coastal Special Interest Group (LGA Coastal SIG) on 24 June 2021. He clarified that although his report stated that the LGA Coastal SIG looked after the entire UK Coastal region, it only covered England, and not the entire of the UK.


There were no questions from Members regarding this update.



Elmer Sands Community Flood Fund pdf icon PDF 146 KB

The report seeks approval to agree and make a contribution to the Environment Agency Elmer Phase 2 Scheme and authority to the draw-down of funds from the Community Flood Fund.

Additional documents:


            The Chair invited the Engineering Services Manager to present his report. He explained that it was regarding the Environment Agency’s Phase 2 scheme at Elmer Sands. He pointed out that the idea of the Community Flood Fund was well established within the Council, and the report was just seeking to draw down £40,000 of that money towards the work that the Environment Agency wanted to do. He went onto explain that the Environment Agency had a previous successful scheme called Elmer 1, that Arun contributed to, which was to protect the area from direct coastal attack by waves. He explained the new scheme would protect against ‘back-door flooding’, where the area slightly to the East was being eroded, and potential for water to get round the back of the defences and attack or cause flooding to the area of Elmer Sands from a different direction. The Environment Agency had got the scheme on their programme for quite a while, however because of the monitoring that had taken place, it had been noticed that the beach was responding a lot quicker than had been anticipated, so it had been brought forward in the scheme. The total scheme would probably cost in excess of £1,000,000 to carry out. The work would probably not take place until 2022/23, however a formal agreement needed to be entered into with the Environment Agency. The design of the scheme would probably be very much like the Elmer Rock Islands, but on a smaller scale.


            Members then took part in a question and answer session as summarised below:


·         Would the money stay with Arun until it was actually required. The Engineering Services Manager confirmed the funds would stay with Arun until required for work to be carried out.

·         Could more details be provided on the works that would be carried out. The Engineering Services Manager agreed to circulate further information when it was received by him. He also pointed out that the work would be carried out under Permitted Development.

·         Could the work have a detrimental effect on surrounding areas. The Engineering Services Manager confirmed it would be designed in such a way that it did not have a detrimental effect on surrounding areas.

·         Clarification was sought on which budget this would come out of. The Engineering Services Manager confirmed this would be from the Community Flood Fund, set up some years ago.

·         Would the Community Flood Fund require topping up. The Engineering Services Manager explained that this has been considered, and could be looked at again.


            Several Members expressed their support for the scheme.


            The recommendations were then proposed by Councillor Bicknell and seconded by Councillor Huntley



The Committee




1.  A Partnership Funding contribution of £40,000 from the Community Flood Fund to the Environment Agency’s Elmer II scheme be approved;


2.  Authority to enter into a Contribution Agreement with the Environment Agency be given;


3. The draw down funds from the Community Flood Fund (likely to be required in 2022/23) be authorised.




Amendment to Parking Order pdf icon PDF 126 KB

This report asks the Environment and Neighbourhood Services Committee to agree to consult on a proposal to include in the Councils Off Street Parking Order the parking area at the front of the Bognor Regis Town Hall.

Additional documents:


            The Chair invited the Customer & Parking Services Manager to present his report. He explained that the report referred to the parking area at the front of the Town Hall, which was not currently covered by the Parking Order, and not currently regulated. The area was meant to be a pick-up and drop-off zone, but had been being used by vehicles with no connection to The Town Hall. He explained that in the past a private company had been used to enforce this area, however as the Council had their own parking enforcement team, it would be appropriate for this to be covered by them. In order for any area to be included in the Parking Order, consultations were required to be carried out. The proposed change would be advertised as public notices in local newspapers as well as being advertised on the internet; notices would be displayed in the Regis Centre car park; consultation letters would be sent to all District Councillors and bodies as listed in Appendix B, inviting comments.


            The Chair then invited questions from Members. Clarification was sought around whether the area would only be for short stays or whether tickets could be acquired from within the Town Hall. The Customer & Parking Services Manager confirmed the area would only be for short stays, which was currently 20 minutes.


            A full discussion then took place around how this could impact people with disabilities. It was noted that someone with disabilities may require parking for longer than 20 minutes. The possibility of rear access to the Town Hall was mentioned, however later noted that this was probably not possible, as it was believed the rear access led straight into the confidential area.


            The Chair asked the Customer & Parking Services Manager whether the matter would go back to Committee for Members to be presented with the detail following the consultation process. The Customer & Parking Services Manager explained the recommendation was that it went back to the Group Head, as the next Committee meeting was not until 23 September, which would mean the area could not be enforced until then.


            It was asked whether Blue Badge holders from this Committee could be involved in the consultation. The Customer & Parking Services Manager explained that a letter would be sent to all Members for them to comment, which could be included in the response. He also offered to send a copy of the response to Members of this Committee, and if needed a discussion could be had about this.


            Councillor Needs declared a Personal Interest as was also a Member of Bognor Regis Town Council.


            The recommendations were then proposed by Councillor Edwards and seconded by Councillor Chace


            The Committee




1. The proposed amendment to the Council’s Off-Street Parking Order be put out for consultation.


2. Delegated authority be given to the Group Head of Neighbourhood Services to consider the results of this consultation and review whether this amendment is to be confirmed.



Work Programme pdf icon PDF 200 KB

The Committee is required to note the Work Programme for 2021/22.


The Chair introduced this item, and invited Members to ask questions.


A discussion was had around inviting representatives from Sussex Nature Partnership to attend a Committee meeting, as there was keen interest from Members to find out more about the work they were doing. It was agreed by most Members that they would like to send an invitation to Sussex Nature Partnership to the March Committee meeting, subject to discussions with the Committee Manager and Lead Officers.


The Chair was asked for an update on the Gardens of Reflection. He advised that it was a potential project at this stage, and was not due to come to Committee yet.


The Group Head of Neighbourhood Services was asked about a new project in Canada Gardens in Arundel. He confirmed he would circulate an update on this to the Committee following the meeting.



Change of Meeting Date



A proposal was made by Councillor Edwards and seconded by Councillor Staniforth to change the date of the November Committee meeting.


            The Committee




That the Environment & Neighbourhood Services Committee meeting date in November be changed from 18 November to 17 November.