Agenda and minutes

Special - Budget 2022-2023, Full Council - Wednesday 23rd February 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber & Blue Room, Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5LF. View directions

Contact: Jane Fulton 

Note: Special Meeting to consider the Budget 2022-2023 - Meeting adjourned to 3 March in view of Recommendation 9 

No. Item




            The Chair welcomed Councillors, representatives of the public, press and Officers to this Special Meeting of the Council.   



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillors Bennett, Buckland, Catterson, Dixon, Mrs English, English, Gregory, Jones, Seex and Smith and from Honorary Aldermen Mrs Stinchcombe and Mr Dingemans. 


Declarations of interest

Members and Officers are invited to make any declarations of pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on this agenda, and are reminded that they should re-declare their interest before consideration of the item or as soon as the interest becomes apparent.


Members and Officers should make their declaration by stating:


a)  the item they have the interest in

b)  whether it is a pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interest

c)  the nature of the interest

d) if it is a pecuniary or prejudicial interest, whether they will be exercising their right to speak under Question Time


            Councillor Northeast declared a Personal Interest in Agenda Item 9 [Arun District Council Budget 2022/23] as his wife was a member of staff.  Councillor Northeast confirmed that he would not take part in the vote on this item.


The Declaration of Interest Sheet set out below confirms those Members who had made a declaration of their personal interest as a Member of a Town or Parish Councillor or a West Sussex County Councillor, as confirmed in their Register of Interest as these declarations could apply to any of the issues to be discussed at the meeting. 



Town or Parish Council or West Sussex County Council [WSCC]

Councillor Tracy Baker


Councillor Kenton Batley

Bognor Regis

Councillor Jamie Bennett


Councillor Paul Bicknell


Councillor Billy Blanchard-Cooper


Councillor Jim Brooks

Bognor Regis

Councillor Ian Buckland

Littlehampton and WSCC

Councillor David Chace


Councillor Mike Clayden


Councillor Andy Cooper


Councillor Alison Cooper

Rustington and WSCC

Councillor Sandra Daniells

Bognor Regis

Councillor Roger Elkins

Ferring and WSCC

Councillor Paul English


Councillor Steve Goodheart

Bognor Regis

Councillor Pauline Gregory


Councillor June Hamilton


Councillor Shirley Haywood


Councillor David Huntley


Councillor Henry Jones

Bognor Regis

Councillor Martin Lury


Councillor Claire Needs

Bognor Regis

Councillor Mike Northeast


Councillor Francis Oppler


Councillor Jacky Pendleton

Middleton-on-Sea and WSCC

Councillor Vicky Rhodes


Councillor Emily Seex


Councillor Martin Smith


Councillor Samantha Staniforth

Bognor Regis

Councillor Matt Stanley

Bognor Regis

Councillor Isabel Thurston

Barnham & Eastergate

Councillor Will Tilbrook


Councillor James Walsh

Littlehampton and WSCC

Councillor Jeanette Warr

Bognor Regis

Councillor Amanda Worne


Councillor Gillian Yeates






Public Question Time

To receive questions from the public (for a period of up to 15 minutes)


The Chair confirmed that no questions had been submitted for this meeting.



Questions from Members with Pecuniary/Prejudicial Interests

To receive questions from Members with pecuniary/prejudicial interests (for a period of up to 15 minutes)


There were no Questions from Members with prejudicial/pecuniary interests.




            The Chair confirmed that no petitions had been received.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 261 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council Meeting held 26 January 2022, as attached.


            The Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 26 January 2022 were approved by the Council as a correct record and would be signed by the Chairman at the end of the meeting, subject to the Apologies for Absence announced at the meeting being recorded, these being Councillors Baker, Batley, Bennett, Catterson, Chace, Charles, Haywood, Huntley, Jones, Needs, Purchese, Rhodes and Seex.



Chair's Announcements

To receive such announcements as the Chairman may desire to lay before the Council.


            The Chair confirmed that he had no communications to announce.


Urgent Matters

To deal with business not otherwise specified in the Council summons which, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Council (in consultation with the Chief Executive), is business of such urgency as to require immediate attention by the Council.


            There were no items for this meeting.


Arun District Council Budget 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 167 KB

The Council is asked to consider the Revenue and Capital Budgets for the 2022/23 financial year for both the General Fund and Housing Revenue Account.

A report from the Interim Group Head of Corporate Support and Section 151 officer is attached.  Members will also be asked to refer to the recommendations made by the Policy and Finance Committee at its meeting held on 10 February 2022 in respect of the Council’s Budget for 2022/23. The minutes from this meeting will be circulated separately to this agenda.

The associated statutory resolutions will be circulated just before the meeting, following receipt of the West Sussex County Council and Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner precepts.

There are additional recommendations associated with the approval of the Council’s tax base and NNDR1 for 2022/23 and Special Expenses.

Restrictions on voting under Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992

Members are reminded of the restrictions on voting outlined in Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. In particular it should be noted that where a Member has at least two months arrears of Council Tax he or she must not vote on any matter relating directly to the setting of next year’s Council Tax (though they may remain in the meeting and may speak).


This item will be presented using the order below:


(i)            Welcome by the Chair – Councillor Brooks

(ii)          Leader of the Council’s Budget Statement – Councillor Gunner will make his Budget Statement and will proposed the recommendations, including the associated statutory resolutions required in agreeing the Budget, which will be circulated just prior to the meeting.

To be moved by – Cllr Gunner

(iii)         Cllr Pendleton to second (may reserve her right to speak)

(iv)         Councillor Walsh to respond on behalf of the Liberal Democrat Group

(v)          Councillor Coster [in the absence of Councillor Dixon] to respond on behalf of the Independent Group

(vi)         Councillor Goodheart to respond on behalf of the Arun Independent Group

(vii)        Councillor Thurston to respond on behalf of the Green Group

(viii)       Open Debate

(ix)         Councillor Pendleton to respond as seconder

(x)          Councillor Gunner to respond as proposer

(xi)         Recorded Vote required



Additional documents:


            The Chair confirmed that this Special Meeting of the Council had been called to consider the Budget for 2022/23 and to set the Council Tax for the Arun District Council.  Members needed to be advised that West Sussex County Council (WSCC) had had to postpone its precept setting meeting due to be held on 18 February 2022 due to a red weather warning having been issued for the area due to storm Eunice.  As a result, this council had not been notified of WSCC’s precept. The Chair confirmed that without the precept this council could not set the aggregate Council Tax but could continue to proceed in discussing the Arun Council Tax Calculation and Budget for 2022/23.


            The Council had 11 recommendations to consider but in the absence of the precept from WSCC, recommendation 9 would have to be withdrawn from tonight’s meeting. Recommendation 9 with the supporting documents would be circulated after 28 February 2022, when WSCC was scheduled to meet, to decide its precept. The Chair confirmed that he would adjourn the meeting at the appropriate point to 3 March 2022 when it would be possible for the council to formally pass the statutory resolutions.


            An extract from the Minutes from the meeting of the Policy & Finance Committee [Minute 651] held on 10 February 2022 had been emailed to Members; uploaded to the Council’s web pages; and circulated to the meeting.  These minutes set out the recommendations for Council to consider as outlined in the Officer report.         


            The Leader of the Council, Councillor Gunner, opened his Budget Statement confirming that this was the first budget of the council’s new administration. Councillor Gunner confirmed that he wished to start by thanking Council staff for all they had done in going above and beyond in continuing to deliver services for the district’s residents during the pandemic.  Now that restrictions were coming to an end, this was the time to be looking to the future.


            The Council’s Budget for 2022/23 was a positive and forward-looking budget representing delivery showing support for the district’s high streets; businesses; the environment and most importantly support for the district’s people. Residents and businesses could be safe in the knowledge that never had this council been doing so much as it was right now in working on so many positive projects in the district.


            Councillor Gunner stated that when he had become Leader, he had stated that local businesses and the economy were the driving force of the Council. He was therefore proposing to increase the size of the Economy Team by 20% to ensure the continued delivery of projects like the Jobs Fair held last week. This real and practical work included £2,000 shopfront grants; the new £150,000 high street fund; and the one to one retail support to assist high street businesses.  The aim was for Arun to be an even greater tourism destination, and the £250,000 in the budget for a range of events was a testament to the council’s determination to get  ...  view the full minutes text for item 681.



To consider any Motions submitted in accordance with Council Procedure 14.


              The Chair confirmed that no Motions had been submitted for this meeting.



Committee Memberships

Any changes to Committee Memberships that need noting by the Council will be reported at the meeting.


              The Leader of the Council, Councillor Gunner, confirmed the membership for the Staff Appeals Panel, which was:


              Councillors Blanchard-Cooper, Chace, Chapman, Daniells, Gregory, Pendleton and Staniforth. It was confirmed that there was an Independent seat left vacant to fill.


              The Council then noted the membership for the Staff Appeals Panel.


              The Chair then adjourned the meeting to allow the recorded vote on Agenda Item 9, Recommendation 9 to be conducted on 3 March 2022.



Adjourned Recommendation 9 from the Special Meeting of the Council held on 23 February 2022 [Statutory Resolutions]


            The Chair confirmed that at the Special Meeting of the Council held on 23 February 2022, the Council approved its Budget for 2022/23 and set it Council Tax for Arun District Council.  As West Sussex County Council (WSCC) had to postpone its precept meeting scheduled for 18 February 2022, due to storm Eunice, this meant that at the Special Meeting of the Council on 23 February 2022, the council could not publish the County Council’s precept.  Without the precept, Arun could not set its aggregate Council Tax, but it had been able to determine its Arun Council tax and budget for 2022/23.


            The meeting on 23 February 2022 had been adjourned to 3 March 2022 to allow this council to formally pass the statutory resolutions. WSCC had met on 28 February 2022 and its statutory resolutions had been emailed to Members and would be uploaded to the Full Council web pages.


            The Chair invited the Leader of the Council, Councillor Gunner, to formally propose Recommendation (9) deferred from the Special Council meeting on 23 February which read as follows:


            “The Statutory Resolutions required by the Council in agreeing its Budget for 2022/23, as set out in Appendix 4, are approved”.


            Councillor Gunner then formally proposed this recommendation which was then seconded by Councillor Pendleton.


            In line with Council Procedure Rule 20.6 – the voting on the recommendation was recorded.


            Those voting for it were Councillors Bicknell, Bower, Caffyn, Chace, Clayden, Mrs Cooper, Cooper, Dendle, Edwards, Elkins, Mrs English, English, Gunner, Hughes, Madeley, Oliver-Redgate, Pendleton, Rhodes, Roberts, Stainton and Staniforth (21). Those voting against were Councillors Blanchard-Cooper, Gregory, Jones, Lury, Needs, Oppler, Stanley, Walsh, Worne and Yeates (10). Councillors Brooks, Buckland, Catterson, Coster, Dixon, Haywood, Northeast and Thurston abstained from voting (8).


            The Council




That the Statutory Resolutions required by the Council in agreeing its Budget for 2022/23, as set out in Appendix 4, are approved.