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Quarter 3 Budget Monitoring Report

Meeting: 30/01/2024 - Planning Policy Committee (Item 574)

574 Quarter 3 Budget Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 223 KB

The report sets out in further detail the Committee’s Revenue and Capital programme budget performance projections to the 31 March 2024.


The Chair invited the Group Head of Finance and Section 151 Officer to present the report to the Committee.  He reported there had been little change to the Committee’s Revenue and Capital budget since Quarter 2.  The situation concerning Planning Fee Income had slightly improved resulting in a positive movement to the overall budget of £50k.  It was noted that previous Planning Fee Income had been based on three years of higher planning fee income that had not continued into 2023-24, thus reflecting a local and national trend. 


He advised that he wouldforward the breakdown of the Supplies and Services Revenue Budget for 2024-25, requested by Councillor Elkins and Councillor Gunner, to the whole Committee and would include details of the 2023-24 figures for comparison.


          The Chair then invited questions and comments from members.  The Group Head of Finance and Section 151 Officer responded to the questions asked.  He explained it was too early to see what effect the Planning fee increases announced by Central Government at the beginning of December 2023 would have on the budget.  Officers had already amended the budget to take into account the downturn in income.  In future a more frequent medium financial forecast would be provided to members, which would include any updates to the planning fee forecast.  He explained the variance in respect of Supplies and Services from what had been budgeted.  The Supplies and Services and Employees budgets were both related and were used to offset each other when there had been staff vacancies, and agency staff were used to cover those vacancies.


          The Committee noted the report.