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Arun Gypsy & Traveller & Traveller Showperson Regulation 19 Publication DPD

Meeting: 28/11/2023 - Planning Policy Committee (Item 427)

427 Regulation 19 Publication Arun Gypsy & Traveller & Traveller Showpeople Development Plan Document pdf icon PDF 140 KB

This report updates the Committee on the progress to resolve objections made at Regulation 18 ‘Preferred Options’ G&T DPD consultation which has delayed the timetable to preparing the subsequent ‘Publication’ G&T DPD (Regulation 19) proposed for public consultation.


The Planning Policy & Conservation Manager was invited by the Chair to present the report.  The Gypsy and Traveller and Traveller and Showpeople Development Plan Document (G&T DPD) was a Local Plan and needed to proceed to public consultation under Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulation 2012.  He outlined the additional evidence work, at paragraph 3.3 of the report, that had taken place for site specific matters proposed  for inclusion in the G&T DPD to address these matters. 


The recommendations were proposed by Councillor Bower and seconded by Councillor Tandy.


The Chair invited members to make comment or ask questions.  A  request was made that the site descriptions should be standardised in the report to include the village or town where they were located.


The Committee




1.      That the Regulation 19 Publication Gypsy & Traveller and Traveller Showpeople Development Plan Document (G&T DPD) consultation take place for 6 weeks from 13 December 2023 to 7 February 2024;


2.      That following public consultation, the Regulation 19 Publication Gypsy & Traveller and Traveller Showpeople Development Plan Document be referred to Full Council for approval before submission to the Secretary of State (for Examination in Spring 2024); and


3.      That delegated authority is given to the Group Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of Planning Policy Committee to finalise proposed submission documents for consultation and following submission, to agree modifications should they be necessary during examination.