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AL/87/21/PL Oldlands Farm, Newlands Road, Bognor Regis PO22 9FJ

Meeting: 27/04/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 817)

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Erection of a warehouse (Use Class B8) with ancillary office, associated vehicle parking, van storage, plant, ancillary structures, lighting landscaping and infrastructure works including earthworks to facilitate flood compensation areas. This site may affect listed buildings, may affect the character and appearance of the Shripney Conservation Area, is a Departure from the Development Plan, affects a Rights of Way and is in CIL Zone SP3 (Zero Rated_ as other development.


The Chair welcomed Jamie Brown from West Sussex County Council to the meeting. The Strategic Development Team Leader presented the report with updates. This was followed by 2 Public Speakers.


Members then took part in a full debate on the application where a number of points were raised and responded to by Officers, including:

·       the lack of detail and location of highway improvements agreed through the Section 106 agreement and the distance from this site

·       logistics infrastructure in the area, the number of HGVs using the site at night and the impact for residents

·       the increase in vehicle movements at this junction and the lack of information on what the capacity enhancements can and would be in order to make a decision on the application

·       the issue of flooding and insufficient detail on how the drainage system would work

·       support for the retention of the oak trees and a wild flower meadow within the application but concern that these do not address the issues that this development would cause

·       the need for clear detail on the proposed enhancements

·       neither of the proposed enhancement options put forward by WSCC Highways addressing the capacity issue at the roundabout

·       questions raised over the vehicular figures in the report and specifically the low numbers given for HGV movements at this junction

·       the need for deferral until further information could be sought on impacts and enhancements


The Committee




That the application be DEFERRED to allow for further clarity on the developer contributions (what they are for, how they will be spent and where) and a further update on whatever occurs between now and when the application comes back to Committee on the flooding issue.