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Previously deferred item F/5/20PL Ford Airfield Market, Ford BN18 0FL

Meeting: 27/04/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 815)

815 F/5/20/PL - Ford Airfield Market, Ford BN18 0FL pdf icon PDF 227 KB


          Reconfiguration of Ford Market, including revised market access, hardstanding for replacement vehicular parking and associated infrastructure, landscape, ancillary and site preparation works.


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report which dealt specifically with the reason given for deferral at the Planning Committee on 8 September 2021 [Minute 232] - for further evidence gathering to be undertaken on the transport and highway implications over a wider area than that which had already been studied. He explained that the applicant had commissioned their consultants to provide a Technical Note presenting the outputs of further traffic data collection as well as a further commentary on highway matters. The conclusions of the Technical Note had been summarised in the Officer’s deferral report with the further assessment not identifying any further conflict with the conclusions of the original transport assessment against which WSCC Highways had raised no objections. This confirmed that the proposed reconfiguration of the market would not result in a technical impact on highway safety or a severe cumulative impact on the operation of the road network. The Officer’s recommendations therefore remained unchanged.


The Committee




That the application be APPROVED CONDITIONALLY as detailed in the report subject to the conditions detailed.