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Y/158/21/PL The Steddles, North End Road, Yapton BN18 0DT

Meeting: 02/03/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 702)

702 Y/158/21/PL The Steddles, North End Road, Yapton BN18 0DT pdf icon PDF 14 MB


1 public speaker

            Kerry Simmons – Agent – statement read out by Committee Manager

Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and construction of 11 No dwellings (net increase 10 units) with access, landscaping and associated works (alternative to approved Y/121/19/PL). This site is in CIL Zone 3 and is CIL Liable as new dwellings & is a Departure from the Development Plan


The Planning Team Leader presented the report. This was followed by one public speaker.


Members then took part in a debate on the application where a number of points were raised and responded to by Officers, including:


·         Would cause an increase in 1478 vehicle movements through Yapton

·         Objection to the developers use of the description ‘townscape’ as Yapton was not a town


The recommendation was then duly proposed and seconded.


The Committee




That the application be APPROVED CONDITIONALLY as detailed in the report subject to the condition detailed.