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CM/70/21/PL Land at Wren Cottage, Horsemere Green Lane, Climping BN17 5QZ

Meeting: 02/03/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 700)

700 CM/70/21/PL Land at Wren Cottage, Horsemere Green Lane, Climping BN17 5QZ pdf icon PDF 9 MB


2 Public Speakers

Councillor Colin HumphrisClimping Parish Council

            Matthew Holmes - Agent


Subdivision of the plot, construction of 3 detached bungalows with associated parking, access and landscaping


The Planning Team Leader presented the report and provided members with a verbal update. This was followed by two public speakers.


Members then took part in a full debate on the application where a number of points were raised and responded to by Officers, including:


·         Concern raised regarding the process for ensuring that the footway be obtained and could this be remedied through contributions

·         The Tree Officer had not responded and what was the reason for this

·         It was felt that this application was encouraging car use as it did not provide access to high quality public transport, it was also commented that it also did not support the environmental aspects surrounding its location


            The Planning Team Leader and the Group Head of Planning both provided answers to all of points raised and the Chair reminded members that even if there was a bus stop along the road, most would be more likely to get into their car to travel and that this issue was not central to this application.             


The recommendation was then duly proposed and seconded.


            The Committee




That the application be APPROVED CONDITIONALLY as detailed in the report and report update subject to the conditions detailed