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P/159/21/PL 253-255 Inglenook Hotel, Pagham Road, Pagham PO21 3QD

Meeting: 02/03/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 706)

706 P/159/21/PL 253-255 Inglenook Hotel, Pagham Road, Pagham PO21 3QD pdf icon PDF 12 MB


 Variation and removal of conditions imposed under P/58/19/PL for the variation of condition 2-plans condition & 16-external lighting of roads & footpaths & removal of conditions 11-footpath access through Hotel site & 13-signage of vehicular access previously proposed


            The Planning Team Leader presented the report with updates and confirmed  that the application had previously deferred by the Committee to allow for additional consultation to take place.


            Members then took part in a full debate on the application where a number of points were raised and responded to by Officers these included concerns regarding the council failing to tell the developers to stop building when it was noticed that it was no in line with the plans submitted. There were also a number of comments made by members that they were not supportive of this developer as it was felt they had manipulated the council.


The Chair reminded members for the reason for deferral which was for additional information and the Interim Legal Services Manager reminded members that each application had to be determined on its own merits. The Planning Team Leader confirmed that planning law allowed for retrospective applications and the NPPF supported this also, therefore there was no justification for members to refuse the application. Should members be minded to refuse it would be likely to be lost at the appeal stage.


The recommendation was duly proposed and seconded.


The Committee




That the application be delegated to the Head of Planning to approve subject to the completion of a Deed of Variation.