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Corporate Plan - 2018 - 2022 - Q2 Performance outturn report for the period 1 April 2019 - 30 September 2019

Decision status: Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

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The Committee received the Quarter 2 performance outturn for the Corporate Plan performance indicators for the period covering 1 July to 30 September 2019.  It was explained that this report was being submitted to Members later than normally scheduled as result of the snap General Election held on 12 December 2019.  


The Group Head of Policy provided some background to the report and 2020 Vision programme in place.  Behind the three Council Priority themes of Your Services; Supporting You; and Your Future sat a series of targets that were measurable with the performance of these targets being reported to the Council’s Corporate Management Team (CMT) every quarter and to this Committee and Cabinet every six months and at year end.


There were 11 Corporate Plan indicators and six were measured at Quarter 2.  The report set out what indicators were not achieving their target; were behind target; were achieving their target; and over achieving the target.  Each of the thresholds and categories of performance for each indicator was outlined to the Committee and set out in the Appendix to the report with CMT providing their comments and where remedial action was required.


It was outlined that the Director of Place, with support from CMT, was recommending the Committee to consider recommending to Cabinet to amend the target figure for indicator CP10 [Total Rateable Business Value for the Arun District] from £91m to £99.138 m with effect from Quarter 1 in 2020.  If approved, Cabinet would then make this a recommendation to Full Council to amend this target.  The Committee was being requested to support this amendment to this target figure and to note the Council’s overall Quarter 2 performance against the targets of the Corporate Plan.


The following questions were asked by the Committee:


·         On CP11 questions were asked about the Government’s proposals to introduce weekly food waste collections and if this was being introduced in 2021/22, was the Council proposing to get rid of weekly waste collections?

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Dr Walsh responded confirming that WSCC were looking at introducing a trial of food waste collections in the Arun District, based upon a trial recently undertaken at Mid Sussex District Council.  It was explained that the area this trial would cover needed to be very carefully considered in terms of having a wide range of demographics.  The results of this pilot project would inform how such a project would be extended to whole of the District. 

·      On CP11, the comment was made that it would have been beneficial to have had the appropriate Director present at the meeting so that a more in-depth explanation could have been provided in terms of why this indicator had been failing.  What was the Council doing to address this?  Had this been down to the withdrawal of recycling credits by WSCC? 

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Dr Walsh, explained that WSCC had withdrawn its recycling credits from every Local Authority, nothing could be done about this action.  The Group Head of Policy confirmed that she would raise this issue with the Director of Services so that a written answer could be provided.

·         On CP11, could the Council look at renewing stickers for recycling bins to improve recycling levels so that the public were aware of all new items that could be recycled.  It was explained that this had happened but accepted that the Council could do more to engage the public, through use of Arun Times and social media platforms. 

·         On CP11, mention was made of the Council’s decision to increase the target last year.  Did the Council receive any accreditation for rubbish that was taken to a recycling centre as this could impact figures?   It was explained that WSCC would take the credit for this and so it did impact figures.

·      Further questions were asked about the new WSCC Food Waste trial and whether this would add to the Council’s recycling rates - this would then assist the Council in getting to achieve the increased rate.  Councillor Dr Walsh explained that this would have an improving effect.

·      On CP11, to boost recycling rates could more work be done by junior officers to provide updates on social media to pass information onto the younger generation.

Councillor Dr Walsh confirmed that the Council had now adopted a Digital Strategy and so this work would be taking place.

·         On CP11, would the food trial include the recycling of nappies? Councillor Purchese explained that the trial would include all ‘smelly’ waste including hygiene products, not just food.

·         Concern was expressed over the varying provision of recycling bins over the District and could this be addressed.  Councillor Purchese confirmed that this would be looked at when the Council came to retender its contract.


The Chairman then reminded the Committee of the proposal to amend the target figure for indicator CP10 [Total Rateable Business Value for the Arun District] from £91m to £99.138m with effect from Quarter 1 2020.He explained that this would be a recommendation to Cabinet on 9 March 2020 who would then make a recommendation to Full Council on 18 March 2020.


            The Committee




That the Council’s Quarter 2 Performance against the targets for the Corporate Plan Indicators as set out in this report and Appendix A be noted.


            The Committee also


                        RECOMMEND TO CABINET ON 9 MARCH 2020


That the target figure for Indicator CP10 [Total Rateable Business Value for the Arun District] be amended from £91m to £99.138 m with effect from Quarter 1 2020.


Report author: Gemma Stubbs

Publication date: 10/02/2020

Date of decision: 28/01/2020

Decided at meeting: 28/01/2020 - Overview Select Committee

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